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Posted: Jan 25, 2010

Upcoming Stories in 2010

There is nothing better than 2010 vision. It means you can see: the flight of an Albert Pujols home run from the moment it comes off the bat; the glimpse of a Mariano Rivera cutter as it eludes another abject failure of a swing; the gliding blur of Jacoby Ellsbury stealing second, third and home; the takeoff of Torii Hunter as he goes up and over a wall to bring back a potential home run.

Possessing this Major League Baseball acuity, a fan can see it all. Possibly the only better vision would be that of a Hawk, such as White Sox broadcaster Ken Harrelson or Hall of Fame candidate Andre Dawson. Let's test out this 2010 vision now with 10 storylines to watch, and feel free to test your own by commenting below on the year to come.

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