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Professional and recreational basketball is a game that is famous worldwide. There is no one around the world who does not know about basketball or even heard about the game. And nowadays, there are different leagues and governing bodies for the game; NBA being the most famous league and FIBA as the highest governing body. With its popularity, basketball is now being played in most parts of the worlds. The game is even included in the Olympics. Though almost everyone knows the game, not all knows about the history of basketball. Perhaps only a portion of basketball fans know how basketball really begun and where. To better understand basketball and its history.


In 1981 Springfield, Mass a Canadian educator and sports recreationalist, James Naismith, invented this game we all know and love!

It took Naismith and his team about 14 days to form the first rules of the sport. I bet you didn't know basketball was initially played with nine players on the court per team?! Or that peach baskets were used as hoops and a soccer ball was used as the ball! Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me.

Out of these developments, basketball evolved into the game that we know today. This evolution can be attributed to the committees and governing bodies of basketball.

Throughout the years, recreational basketball has been polished; the rules were changed that only 5 players per team are now playing on the court. The peach baskets were also replaced by iron rims with nylon nets beneath. The point system was also refined. The soccer ball was replaced with an official basketball. Long range shooting or the three-point shot were also included in the game. This was not included in NBA games until 1979 and in NCAA until 1980. The American Basketball Association or ABA league was the first one to use this kind of shot.

There are still lots of things that you can discover regarding the history of basketball. What I've provided here is just basic information.

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